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About Us

Certain people gravitate to each other. A willow tree gravitates and is connected to the water and beautiful wide, open spaces. Our team at Willow Therapeutic are connected through the practice of health and wellbeing, and the joy of facilitating the healing of others.

Our hand picked team of massage therapists are the foundation of our first-class clinic. All our therapists hold a certificate in massage plus other complimentary qualifications to specialise in different types of massage and health.

Experience the benefits of natural healing, grounded by science.


Our Therapists

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Georgia Meichtry

Director and Neuromuscular Therapist
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If you’re lucky enough to grow up in stunning Bay of Plenty, you understand why you can’t stay away forever. After studying and travelling away from home, I returned to enjoy all the simple pleasures that the Bay has to offer, raise my thirteen-year old daughter and work in the health and wellness industry.

My dream has come true! I feel incredibly blessed and everyday I meet people from all walks of life who I can be part of their healing with so they can live life to the full. I treat sports enthusiasts who love nothing better than jumping on their bike, running up the Mount, golfing, team sports – you name it, they love being active. Massage allows them to maintain fitness and stay in peak condition, as well as treat any “niggles” and injuries.

I help people suffering with chronic pain and to see them experience natural pain relief is out of this world. The same goes when I help someone release the stress of the day or pregnant women who need to let it all go. It’s incredible what a targeted and individualised massage can do for people not only physically, but mentally as well.

It’s a real privilege to work with such amazing people everyday, who inspire me to be my best.

Massage Highlights

Massaging my dear friend through labour, feeling "knots" in muscles disappear under my thumbs for the first time, massaging the All Blacks in May 2013.

Personal Interests

West Coast Swing, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Yoga

Clinic Days

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. One Saturday every 4 weeks.


Neuromuscular Therapy, Clinical Sports Massage, Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage, Pregnancy Reflexology, Reflexology, Ayurvedic Head Massage, Energy Balancing and HotStone Massage.



NZCM Bachelors of Health Studies (Massage and Neuromuscular therapy) 2011

NZCM Diploma of Health Sciences (Massage & Sports Therapy) 2010

NZCM Diploma in Therapeutic Massage 2009

NZCM Certifcate in Allied Therapies (Holistic Pulsing, Reflexology, Pregnancy & Infant Massage, Energy Balancing & Polarity, Palliative Care & Ortho-bionomy) 2008

de Mousgraffe Method of Healing 2002

Bay of Plenty College of Homeopathy Founda tion Course (1 year) Homeopathy 2003

Reiki 1st degree (Usui Shiki Ryoho) 2003



I don’t know how I would cope without Willow Therapeutic. I suffered for years from alot of pain in my back and shoulders and tried a number of Physios, Chiropractors and Osteopaths and they didn’t really help. But once I started seeing Georgia at Willow Therapeutic this all changed. They provide a great service and I look forward to going there every time, not to mention the pain I was having is pretty much not existent.

- Shannon Rowe (2014)        




Christian Cole

Massage Therapist
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I was born in the UK but moved out here when I was 13. My family has always been into healthy living and my father was an acupuncturist so seemed natural for me to gravitate towards a form of natural therapy.

I studied at the Canterbury College of Natural Medicine and received my Diploma in Therapeutic Massage in 1996. I then moved to Auckland and did further studies with a Certificate in Neuromuscular Therapy.

I then went on to assist on the course and then teach it at the New Zealand College of Massage (which is where I first met Georgia).

I love working with people and although I do a lot of therapeutic and sports massage I still am amazed at how much benefit a client can receive from pure relaxation massage.

Modern life seems to contain so much stress, massage is a perfect way be can take some time out for ourselves.

My family 'escaped' from Auckland to Tauranga at the beginning of 2016 and love being down here in the sunny Bay!