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  • Energising
  • Calming
  • Reduces tension
  • Re-connective
  • De-stresses

Energy Balancing 

Energy Balancing consists mainly of gentle hand placements on or above the body, and can be received over clothing. This therapy stimulates the energy pathways and centres in the body for improved physical functioning and wellbeing. 

This is a mind-body experience, incorporating acupressure, myofascial release and more subtle energy balancing techniques, such as polarity therapy and Reiki.  We are more than happy to explain more in depth with you about what each therapy is but rest assured, they all have wonderful holistic benefits.

The treatment is particularly ideal for those feeling disconnected, flat or wanting a very gentle treatment. It is great for improving physical functioning and healing of the mind and body.

Once you’ve experienced an energy balancing session you’ll feel a sense of lightness and of relief.  It’s like someone has helped lighten the load that you have been carrying around on your shoulders for far too long.  It’s incredibly liberating and uplifting as you cut the ties of any negativity and replace it with pure positive energy.

For a unique and specialised therapy session get in touch with us and experience something just that little bit different and lot wonderful!