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Sports Massage

On your marks, get set, ready, go!

We know sportsmen and women put hundreds of hours into training, playing and living their chosen field of sport.  We understand all about dedication and commitment, as well as wanting to be at the top of your game.

A quality sports massage therapist takes care of all athletes no matter what level they are at – from elite sports performers to weekend runners and walkers.  We focus on maintaing your body so you stay at your own required level of fitness.  This could involve a more stretching style of massage to a deeper tissue massage.  We will assess and treat every case individually to provide exactly what you need.

We offer clinical sports therapy to help maintain peak performance and helping you recover from injury, pre and post event massage – to get those muscles and limbs all ready to go and then after the event - relieving tired, achy muscles.  

Our lymphatic drainage treatment helps the body eliminate unwanted toxins and waste, so you can carry on doing what you love to do best.

We’re ready when you are to help you boost your endurance, promote fast healing and ease away any pains or strains.