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  • 30 mins
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  • Prepares mind and body for event
  • Improves performance
  • Prevents injury
  • Speeds recovery

Pre/Post Event Massage

We can provide a pre-event warming Swedish massage to target specific muscles prior to your event, or a flushing Swedish massage for removing waste from your highly worked muscles after your sports event.

To maximise results, these massages should ideally be received two hours either side of your event. Having a pre or post event masage a day or two either side of your big day is also hugely beneficial and not only gets your body in the right frame, your mind too.

To prepare the muscles and get them warm we offer a pre-event massage, and then once you are finished you might require a post-event massage in order to remove metabolic wastes from your body, ensure a speedy recovery and of course to reward yourself!

These massages are ideal for any sport, and can be received either in the clinic or you can ask us about our on-location options. We love to hear all about your successes and your stories and it’s one of the best parts of the job, getting to know you and help you along the way.  We’re passionate about being the best and winning too!  Let us be part of your team.

We often hear from the events that we attend that many of the athletes feel that getting a massage is one of the best parts!  When they all cross the finish line, whether it’s in first place or not, we treat all our athletes as winners.  Relieving their aching, cramping and tired muscles is a real privilege.

Come and see our massage experts and enthusiasts when you want nothing but star treatment.